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Director: Sensei Boyce

Sensei Boyce has been training in karate-do for over 28 years. He started in the Kansas City area in Shotokan Karate and obtained the rank of yellow belt before moving to outside of Toronto Canada in 1994. While spending seven and a half years in Canada, he continued his training in the art of Tsuruoka Karate-Do. Masami Tsuruoka is the founder of Tsuruoka Karate-Do and taught karate for over 50 years. He was a tenth degree black belt and the Father of Canadian Karate as formally recognized by the country of Canada.  He was the first to open a karate dojo in the country. Sensei Boyce initially trained under Sensei James Burke who is presently a seventh degree black belt in the Tsuruoka organization. After progressing to the level of brown belt in December of 2000, he started training with Sensei Tsuruoka more directly in Toronto once a week.  In 2001 Sensei Boyce obtained his Shodan or first degree black belt rank after an hour and half grueling test.  
Sensei Boyce currently holds the rank of Rokudan or sixth degree black belt. His focus is training students in the art of karate-do in a way that each student can be equipped to defend themselves in the streets and to be a better person in life. Sensei Boyce now oversees five dojos in Kansas City Metro area and runs the Pittsburg Kansas dojo at the YMCA.  
Sensei Boyce also worked for the Merriam Police Department as a patrol officer from February 2007 to December of 2010. He was one of their defensive tactics instructors certified in pressure point and control tactics since March of 2008.

Class Times





$20 per five week session for YMCA members

$30 per five week session for non members

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