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Membership Benefits

Your membership at the Y gets you in the door, and that’s just the starting place for unlimited potential. As a member of the YMCA, you can:


  • Take advantage of classes and programs for half (or less) the price for non-members;

  • Utilize FREE babysitting services in the morning or evening;

  • Enjoy a variety of group exercise classes included free with your membership;

  • 5,000-square-foot Fitness Center;

  • 9,000-square-foot Gymnastics Center;

  • 2,400-square-foot Aerobics Studio;

  • Enjoy our Women’s-Only Fitness Center;

  • Visit other YMCA’s when traveling;

  • Develop a healthier lifestyle;

  • Develop new friendships, new skills, new confidence;

  • Have good, wholesome fun;

  • Help your children grow;

  • Improve your quality of life;

Be part of a worldwide movement!

Membership Rates
Membership Rates Form 2023.png
Day Passes

Day Passes

The Y offers a day membership for those who would like to try us out.

·         $8 - 18 and up

·         $8 - 17 and under

14 Day Punch Card

·         $75

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

It is our policy that no one be denied participation in programs and/or membership because of an inability to pay. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the United Way, we are able to provide financial aid to those who otherwise might not be able to be a part of our Y family.

If you or your family finds itself in a situation with extenuating circumstances that may keep you from participating, please let us know by contacting us at (620) 231-1100 or by stopping at the YMCA service desk.

Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships

The Y is in your community to give everyone an opportunity to thrive, grow, and learn. We offer to any organization that values and promotes youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility among their employees a discounted membership rate for any employees set up through company payroll deduction. For more information, please contact the Pittsburg Family YMCA to set up your corporate memberships.




The Pittsburg Family YMCA is not responsible for any lost or missing items. You are responsible for all personal items and valuables. Lock your lockers! Front desk personnel cannot keep your valuables; please bring a lock from home to secure your things while you are using the facility, or rent a locker or lock. Please do not leave your purse or valuables in your car. The YMCA has installed security cameras in certain parts of the Y and the parking lot for your protection.

Membership Information

Family – Includes married couples and their dependents under 18 years old. 

Young Adult – Any person 18-24 years old

Adult – Any person 25-59 years old

Youth – Any person who is 17 or younger

Senior Adult – Any person who is over the age of 60

Senior Family – Any couple when at least one is over the age of 60

Membership includes the use of all facilities including the O. Gene Bicknell Fitness Center and Women’s Fitness Center. A $10.00 join fee is charged for the first month of a new membership. Our billing cycle runs from the 10th of the month to the 9th of the next month, When you join you will have to pay for the month which could be prorated based on the day that you join plus a $10 join fee. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Cancellation/Changes to Membership

Memberships may be cancelled in person or by emailing the front desk. (We do not record calls so this may not be done over the phone, for verification purposes). You can make changes to your membership as well at the front desk.

Membership Assistance

Although the YMCA does charge fees for services, it is the policy of the Pittsburg YMCA that no one be denied membership or program participation due to financial limitations. Membership assistance may be made possible thanks to local support of community leaders, contributions to the sustaining campaign, and the United Way.


Check-In Procedures-Front Desk

Everyone entering the building is required to check in at the front service desk before using the facility. Members must show cards, and non-members must purchase a day pass before participating. Non-members must sign a form stating that they have read the rules for non-members. If you do not have your membership card, you’ll need to wait while the desk staff checks the file to verify membership. Children 6 and under are not issued cards, but a record of their membership is on file. If you have lost your card, please contact us to replace it.


Babysitting/Childwatch Policies

Hours are Monday - Friday 8:40 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. and Monday – Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

1.   No children under 2.

2.   Any child attending must be potty trained, we are not a licensed childcare facility and are unable to change diapers and pull-ups. If children need bathroom assistance we will help as much as possible before contacting parents/guardians. If a child has an accident the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified immediately.

3.   Parents must be in the facility while the child is in the nursery. The only exception is persons going outside to run. If you are leaving to run, please notify the nursery staff.

4.   Parents will be notified if child is unreasonably unhappy after 20 minutes have elapsed.

5.   Donations of toys, games, etc., are gratefully accepted.

6.   Please do not bring your children to the nursery if they are not feeling well or have any contagious illness. i.e. excessive cough, allergic reaction, vomiting/diarrhea, temperature of 100+°F

7.  We prefer children do not bring meals or snacks. Beverages are acceptable, but must be in a closed container, clearly labeled with the child's name. They may bring milk, water, or juice.

8.   Fee is $2.00 per hour per child for non-members and is FREE for members, a monthly pass may be purchased for 25

9.   If no children are in the nursery, babysitter will leave at 7:30 p.m.

10. Our top priority is the safety of the children. Our staff is trained in CPR/First Aid and we document all incidents and injuries. There are also evacuation procedures in case of emergency, including but not limited to: Fire evacuation, tornado evacuation, active shooter situations.


Program/Class Registration

Registration is taken at the front desk or online.

1.   Program/class fee must be paid at the time of registration. Your space will not be held unless fee has been paid. No phone registration can be accepted.

2.   Some class sizes are limited. Members must register for each class session even if there is no fee for members. (Example: Aquasize and Slimnastics, these may be done by phone).

3.   If you withdraw from class or decide not to attend, please have your name removed from the registration to allow other interested persons the opportunity to participate.



There are no cash refunds given on programs unless a class or program is cancelled. Credit may be offered on future programs, Should a refund be requested on any program prior to the first class, a $5.00 service charge will be deducted before a refund is given.

*The YMCA reserves the right to refuse admittance to classes and/or programs if the need arises.*

General Rules

Registration is taken at the service desk. All fees are payable at the time of registration and are due prior to admittance to class and/or league.

1.   The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Locks are available at the desk for 50 cents. A small locker may be rented for $3.00 a month, large lockers may be rented for $5.00 a month. Please do not leave valuables in your locker without a lock. If you are interested in a locker it can be added to your monthly membership charge at the front desk.

2.   Prepaid annual membership dues are non-refundable. They are transferable to other Y’s in the form of credit only.

3.   Memberships may be cancelled by the organization for violation of rules and regulations.

4.   Members must show membership cards before using YMCA facilities.

5.   All fees and times are subject to change without notice.

6.   There are no cash refunds given on programs unless class or program is cancelled. Credit may be offered on future programs. Should a refund be requested on any program prior to the first class, a $5.00 service charge will be deducted before a refund is given.

7.   The YMCA does not have public health and accident insurance. You participate at your own risk and are responsible for yourself and your children. The YMCA does carry public liability and all accidents must be reported.

8.   A physician’s approval may be necessary for any class participant who may be considered high risk.

9.   Only personal trainers employed by the YMCA can provide personal training within the YMCA programs and facilities.

10.  A listing of rules is posted in the O. Gene Bicknell Fitness Center. Please observe them.

11.  Please do not smoke in the YMCA. We expect people to adhere to this policy.

12.  Please do not take soda, candy or food of any kind into the gyms, swimming pool, racquetball courts, Women’s Fitness Center or the O. Gene Bicknell Fitness Center.

13.  Towel rental is available for 25 cents per towel. *Towels are currently unavailable.

14.   A complete listing of pool rules is posted on the north wall of pool. Please observe them.

15.   The lifeguard on duty may ask anyone to leave as a disciplinary measure.

16.   Please do not take boys over 4 years old into the ladies locker room.

17.   Children 6 and under must be supervised by an adult unless enrolled in a class.

18.   Must be 18 years of age or older to use the Women’s Fitness Center,


O. Gene Bicknell Fitness Center Rules

1.   Must be a freshman in high school to use fitness center, or complete Teen Weight Training Class for teens 13 years and older.

2.   YMCA members only; guests may come one time.

3.   Please do not bring children into the fitness center.

4.   Please put weights back on racks when finished.

5.   Please read directions before using equipment,

6.   Proper workout attire is required. No jeans, boots, sandals or street clothes are allowed.

7.   Instructions or workout program may be given. Inquire in the fitness center or at the service desk.

8.   Please help us maintain equipment.

9.   All machines and weight equipment in the fitness room could be dangerous if not properly used. Our YMCA recommends any members using this area receive an orientation before using any machine or weight equipment. The YMCA will not be responsible for accidents.

10. The YMCA recommends weightlifters have “spotters” to assist.


Coffee Service *Currently Unavailable

Coffee is available free to members Monday through Friday mornings until 10:30 a.m. Enjoy a cup of coffee compliments of your YMCA.


Swimming Pool Policy

All persons MUST shower before swimming.

1.   No running on pool deck.

2.   No pushing or shoving in pool area.

3.   No diving in shallow water.

4.   No glass or metal objects in pool area.

5.   No spitting, blowing nose or chewing gum in pool.

6.   No playing or hanging on ladder, ramp, rope or lane lines.

7.   Kickboards may be used for therapeutic purposes and only during adult swim, adult lap swim or family swim time.

8.   Float belts used with direct supervision in deep end. Inflatable floats are not permitted.

9.   Non-swimmers must stay in shallow water.

10.   Persons with open sores or infectious disease not permitted in pool.

11.   No food or drink in pool area.

12.   No cut-offs, T-shirts or diapers in pool.

13.   Direct supervision by parents or guardian required for children 6 years and under.

14.   No one is to be present in the swimming pool without a qualified lifeguard present during open swim. 

*If no certified lifeguard is available the pool will close.

15.   The floors may be wet and slippery in this area. Please be careful. The YMCA will not be responsible for accidents.

16.    You may not swim without a lifeguard present. If there is no lifeguard on duty the pool area will be locked.

17.    Check with the front desk about our new wristband policy. Wristbands are required to enter the pool, this rule has been implemented for safety purposes.

18.    Wristbands will be given in exchange for a personal item to ensure they are returned.

Family Swim

This period is for the use of families. All children under the age of 18 must have a parent accompany them while in the water.

Adult Swim: Lap swim only


There should be no “recreational” or width swimming at this time. No children allowed during adult lap swim. There is no lifeguard on duty during adult lap swim. You swim at your own risk.

Adult Swim

This period is for adults 18 years or older only. 

Open Swim *Currently Unavailable

This period is open to anyone wishing to swim, member or non-member. A lifeguard is on duty during open swim.


The YMCA has a guard on duty throughout the day. Please check the service desk for schedule.


Racquetball Court Policy

Open play for both courts is available at all times unless tournaments are in progress.

1.   Tennis or gym shoes and shirt must be worn on the court. No dark-soled shoes will be allowed.

2.   The YMCA has the right to reserve court time for tournaments.

3.   Reservations may be made only by members.

4.   Court reservations are for ONE HOUR.

5.   Members may reserve court time 3 days in advance.

6.   The YMCA suggests, for your own safety, players wear protective eyewear when playing racquetball.

7.   Racquetball is free to YMCA members. Non-members will pay $3.00 per hour. Guests playing with members must buy a day pass.

Locker Rooms Policy

New policies effective April 1, 2021

1.   Any small locker may be rented by members for $3.00 a month. Large lockers are rented for $5.00 a month. 

2.   Locks are available at the front desk for 50 cents.

3.   Only persons with rental lockers may leave items overnight. All other lockers must be cleared each night. Any unauthorized locks left on overnight will be cut off.

4.   The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. If you bring valuables, we recommend you lock them up while in the facility. The front desk CANNOT store valuables.

5.   Floors may be wet and slippery in the area. Please be careful. The YMCA will not be responsible for accidents.


Equipment Checkout & Rental

Racquetball racquets are available at the front desk.

To ensure that equipment is returned, we ask that you exchange a personal item i.e. keys, phone, wallet for equipment. Once equipment is returned you may retrieve your item.

1.   You may rent a towel for 25 cents. Please return towels to the basket when finished.

(Towels are currently unavailable, we apologize for the inconvenience.)

2.   Locks may be rented for 50 cents.

Y Program Objectives

The Pittsburg Family Y strives to provide activities in a modern, well-maintained facility that will help individuals:

· Promote healthy lifestyles

· Strengthen family relationships

· Develop leadership qualities

· Increase international understanding

· Develop self-confidence and responsibility


Proper Attire

Proper attire is to be worn at all times. Gym shoes are required in the gymnasiums, racquetball courts, weight training and exercise areas. Shirts required in courts and weight training areas. Cut-offs and other street clothes are not allowed in the pool. No jeans, boots, sandals or other street clothes are allowed in the O. Gene Bicknell Fitness Center and the Women’s Only Fitness Center.

Please do not wear any clothing with profanity or inappropriate images. We ask that family friendly attire is worn at all times.



The YMCA is a family organization based upon Judeo-Christian principles and values. Cursing and swearing are inappropriate in this atmosphere and set very bad examples for our youth and others.



The YMCA will not page program participants in the building except for a real emergency. Persons expecting a message by phone may check at the service desk.

To Our Members

Thank you for joining the Pittsburg Family YMCA. Many rules and regulations appear in this pamphlet. They are for your protection and are intended to help you enjoy this fine facility. Give us your ideas, concerns or a pat on the back. The YMCA staff wants to provide the best programs for its more and 10,000 members.

Child Supervision

Children under 6 years must be supervised by an adult while in the building unless enrolled in a program. Children should not accompany their parents to any adult class or activity.


Rental Policy

The YMCA can be rented for parties and meetings. The building is generally available after regular business hours for churches, schools, scouts, etc.

Included in rentals are: Swimming, racquetball, gym, volleyball and basketball. The YMCA is a great place to have your birthday party during open swim times. Contact the service desk for more information.


YMCA Mission Statement

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.


Release of Liability Statement

In consideration of my participation in the activities of the YMCA, I do hereby agree to hold free from any and all liability the YMCA and do hereby discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which may accrue to me arising out of or connected with my participation in any of the activities of the YMCA. I do hereby declare myself to be physically sound, having medical approval to participate in the activities of the YMCA, and agree with its purpose.

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