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Director: Elizabeth Hayes


Our dance program includes ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater for ages 3 and up. Classes are offered year around by qualified instructors. We also have an Elite Company program with dancers who perform in competitions year round. Try-outs are offered every summer.

Technique Camp and Auditions: August 2020

The next season of Y Academy of Dance will begin August 31st. To prepare for the season or audition to be on one of the competitive teams, there will be a technique camp Monday-Friday August 10th-14th from 6-7:30PM. Company Auditions will be August 15th.

2020-2021 Season. 

Our Next Season will include classes in hip hip, ballet, pointe, tap, musical theater, contemporary, jazz, and adult.

Portraits: August 2020

The show, "Portraits" was presented by Y Academy of Dance on August 1st and 2nd at the Bicknell Center for the Arts on the campus of Pittsburg State University. The show was phenomenal and all of the dancers did a great job. 

Stage One Nationals: June 2020

First competition of the season

Y Academy of Dance took 48 dancers to compete at Nationals in Branson, Missouri. Competing in the most challenging division, many of the dances placed in the top ten and received judges awards. Three dances were selected for the "Shoot Out" which is the finals. Hundreds of dances compete at Nationals and the Shoot Out selects only the top 8 from each age division. Our petite company was awarded second runner up in the Shoot Out for their hip hop dance. All of the dancers did an amazing job.

                                                         Our Company X team competed in the most advanced

                                                         category at StarPower dance

                                                         competition in Kansas City, Missouri. We took 24 of

                                                         our dancers from ages 8-18.

                                                         Our junior (8-11 year old) small group dances placed

                                                         in the top 3. One routine received an Entertainment

                                                         Award from the judges.

‪                                                         Our teen large group received a high adjudication

                                                         award and 1st place overall. ‬

‪Our three teen small groups (12-14 years old) placed in the top 4. We received 1st in the category, highest adjudication, and a choreography excellence award towards instructor Abbey Daintey.

‪Our teen tap routine received the HIGHEST SCORING tap routine of the entire competition. ‬

‪Carissa Marrone, Mattie Vacca and Grace Hite’s trio, Tainted Love, choreographed by Taylor Whiteley, received 1st overall and 1st in the category. ‬

‪Our line, Al, choreographed by Elizabeth Hayes, received the highest adjudication award, an Entertainment award, 1st in the category, highest teen dance and HIGHEST SCORING ROUTINE of the entire competition. ‬This routine involved all of the Y dancers that competed including Brynn Sukraw, Abby Albright, Brynlee Harrison, Bella Foster, Anna Firman, Kate Smith, JayLynn Bingham, Adamari Levya, Amy Adamson, Faith Leonard, Addi Foster, Malawi’s Sukraw, Avery Harrison, Frida Ibarra, Emilee May, Emma Eckstein, Cassie Sweezey, Kaity Popejoy, Lexi McGowen, Mattie Vacca, Greely Arck, Grace Hite, Carissa Marrone and Aubri Hoffman.

‪Our senior small groups (15-19 years old), placed in the top 2, receiving the highest scoring senior dance of the entire competition. ‬

‪Aubri Hoffman received 2 partial scholarships, placed in the top 5, and highest adjudication award. Her second solo received a high adjudication award. ‬

‪Carissa Marrone received 1 partial scholarship,  an invite to an Elite convention, received the highest adjudication award, 1st in the category, and placed in the top 3. ‬

‪Grace Hite received a high adjudication award and placed in the top 8. ‬

‪Cassie Swezey received a high adjudication award and placed in the top 8.‬

‪Avery Harrison received a high adjudication award and placed in the top 10.‬

‪Emilee May, Emma Eckstein, Greely Arck received a high adjudication award for their solos and Greely received the ONLY personality award that was handed out from the judges. ‬

Choreographers include Maggie and Mollie Stephens, Abbey Daintey, Taylor Whiteley, Emily Winter, Kylee Freeman, Corrie Belton and Director, Elizabeth Hayes.

‪It was a great weekend competing at Starpower in Kansas City! We are so proud of all of our dancers and their incredible talent! ‬